I am a writer living in the misty wonderland of Western Washington State. I love my state and I love the weather, grey and misty suits me perfectly.

I have a B.A. in History from Seattle University where I focused on Middle Eastern History and Politics. I currently work as Reporter and Staff Writer for the Peninsula Gateway.

I have two black rescue cats, Claudia and Bagheera, whose lives are highly documented on my Instagram. I enjoy caffeinated beverages and wine, depending on the time of day and my mood. A lifelong bibliophile, I have a towering stack of to-be-read books that I figure will someday collapse and injure me. My consolation lies in that I’ll have some time to lessen the pile as I recover from my book related injury.

I run two blogs that you can find in the menu above.
No White Knight Needed is a blog about my life, my challenges, my victories, and frequently about my (many) opinions.
The Resident Bluestocking is much newer and focuses on my scholarly interests, mainly books and interesting history. Maybe a few movie reviews.

When not running my blogs, working, reading, or wrangling cats, I squeeze in some time to work on my novel. If you see a woman sitting in a parking lot or standing in a corner of a cafe frantically scribbling notes in a battered notebook, that’s probably me.

Thanks for stopping in and visiting. I wish you happy reading.


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